Commercial Heating Repairs

If you’re responsible for the heating in a commercial environment, such as a school, hotel, restaurant or other business, you’ll know how important it is to receive efficient and effective central heating maintenance.
At Saffron Heating, we offer expert commercial central heating services to make sure both staff and customers stay warm and that the premises are in a safe state.

Central Heating Upgrades

A central heating upgrade is a worthy investment for the future. The initial cost isn’t nothing, but the long-term benefits are well worth it. By upgrading your central heating system, you will save a significant amount on your future energy bills.

Central Heating Repairs

If you live in London and you’re experiencing problems with your central heating, it may not need to be replaced – instead, contact Saffron Heating, and we’ll send out our professional engineers to undertake any repairs that need doing.

Central Heating Installation

Saffron Heating are central heating installation specialists, and we always aim to get the job done safely and efficiently to minimize interruptions to your day. Get help with heating system replacement costs with our exclusive online coupon. We offer a 5% discount for users who book their central heating installation with Saffron Heating.

Professional & Reliable Service

Here at Saffron Heating, we provide a friendly, professional central heating service, to make sure you stay snug and warm all year round.


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Central heating is one of the most important utilities in the modern home: it provides a warm, dry environment, which is essential, especially during the winter months.

An effective central heating system is not only vital for keeping you comfortable in your home or place of work, but it also keeps your property dry and protected against damp and mould. A dry, mould-free environment helps prevent health issues developing such as respiratory problems, and at the same time protects your property against future damage.

We offer an expert central heating maintenance and repairs service for residential and commercial properties. Call Saffron Heating today for a quote.

How to Choose A Radiator?

Central heating radiators are available in a wide range of different styles and types, so how do you go about choosing the best radiator for your property?

The first thing to consider is how you need your radiator to function. Every home has radiators which use one of a combination of three different heating systems: central heating, electric and dual fuel. Once you know which type or combination your property is set up to use, you’ll be able to focus your search and find the ideal radiator.

Then there’s the size of radiator: choose from the basic single panel radiator, the double panel radiator, and the convector radiator. Which one you go for depends on your budget, spatial considerations, and the amount of heat you need to produce.

There are various styles to choose from too: vertical, horizontal, column or panel styles, depending on the period and style of your property, and your own personal taste.

The Most Common Heating System Problems

At Saffron Heating, we’re highly experienced in dealing with central heating issues – both minor and major. So, what are some of the most common heating problems, and what can we do to help?

One of the biggest issues that can arise and affect your whole heating system is a problem with your boiler, as this is the central component that controls your heating. We are on hand to deal with any boiler fault – big or small, as well as perform annual checks and install a new energy-efficient boiler if necessary. We also cover flue repairs and gas leaks, fixing or replacing hot water cylinders, repairing and installing radiators, warm air unit repairs, and commercial heating maintenance.

Heating Cost Calculator

The cost of heating depends on the size of your property, the number of radiators you’re using, the type of fuel your boiler users, and the efficiency of the boiler itself. To calculate your consumption and create an estimate for your energy bill, use the British Gas heating cost calculator.


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