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When to Call Professionals?

If you’re not confident with DIY plumbing, or if you’re dealing with a serious plumbing problem, it’s not advisable that you attempt to fix the issue yourself, as you might accidentally make the problem worse. For efficient and reliable plumbing, or if you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency (such as a severe flood due to burst pipes, for instance), it’s always best to get professional assistance.

Plumbing Service Pricing Guideline

The price of plumbing work depends on the job that needs doing. Your average plumber will charge between £40 and £60 per hour. At Saffron Heating, we price all our plumbing services competitively, and we pride ourselves in delivering honest, transparent quotes before we begin the job at hand.


5 Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

At Saffron Heating, we’ve seen the majority of plumbing problems you’re likely to throw at us. Here are the top 5 most common plumbing problems, and a few tips on how you can tackle them on your own.

Whether you choose to call a professional or not is up to you, but, if you’re undertaking the plumbing yourself, or waiting for a professional to arrive, here’s our advice on what you can do to fix these commonplace plumbing issues.

A sink that takes ages to drain is inconvenient and unhygienic. However, a slow draining sink is a very common issue, and for this reason, it’s easy to remedy. It’s a problem that is usually caused by a buildup in the drain – hair, dirt and soap suds are often the biggest culprits – so simply unclog the drain using a plunger, or remove a pop-up plug and clean thoroughly with a pipe cleaner.

If your bath or shower takes longer than usual to drain, it’s likely that the pipe is clogged with hair and other debris. You can use a plunger to force the drain to clear, use soda crystals or specialised drain cleaner to unclog it.

If you’re experiencing low water pressure, it makes washing less efficient and effective. The first thing to address is testing whether the issue is affecting both your hot and cold water. If both are affected by low pressure, it’s likely that a buildup of dirt in the aerator inside your tap is the root cause. Simply unscrew the aerator from the tap (this can usually be done by hand), and clean out the buildup within.

If your waste disposal is jammed and you don’t have the special key that came with it to unblock it, you’ll need to get it working again using a different method. Arguably the best tool for this job is an allen key, which can be used to safely unjam the disposal system from the bottom. This should get the motor working again in no time.

A running toilet can be annoying and also affect the health and lifespan of your toilet. This issue is usually due to a faulty flapper seal, a broken fill valve, or a buildup of mineral residue which can lead the toilet parts to stop working properly. Once you’ve identified the cause of the problem, you can take the necessary steps to fix it.

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How to Fix 3 Common Problems For Free

  • Sink Won’t Drain: Use a plunger to shift any buildups and blockages in the pipes.
  • Bath Won’t Drain: Pour drain cleaner down the plughole to remove hairballs.
  • Hot and Cold Water Don’t Have Enough Pressure: Unscrew the aerator from the tap and remove any buildups by hand .