Emergency Boiler Repairs

‘I’m living in or around London and need a service that provides emergency boiler repair near me’ – does this sound like you? At Saffron Heating we provide top-of-the-range emergency boiler care to help take the stress out of a day when your boiler goes wrong.

Boiler Servicing

It’s important that your boiler is regularly serviced to make sure it is working safely and efficiently. Frequent maintenance can make a big difference to the life expectancy of your boiler and save you money in the long run.

New Boiler Installation

A new boiler is a great investment for the future – both in terms of your quality of life, and the health and value of your property. We advise against doing the boiler installation yourself – this is a task best undertaken by professionals. At Saffron Heating pride ourselves on delivering a thorough and efficient boiler installation service that you can rely on.

Boiler Repair

If something goes wrong with your boiler, it can potentially leave you without hot water and heating for an extended period of time. At Saffron Heating, we provide an efficient and reliable boiler repair service for those living in and around London, saving you time, money and stress. Before we begin our maintenance service, we’ll undertake a thorough troubleshooting to see where the issue lies.