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Saffron Heating are central heating installation specialists, and we always aim to get the job done safely and efficiently to minimize interruptions to your day.

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How to Install Central Heating and How Much Does It Cost?

A new central heating system is necessary if yours is outdated, non-existent or if it’s simply not safe or cost-effective to continue with the current system.

The central heating installation cost varies depending on the scale of the project and other factors such as the age of the property, size of the boiler required, and whether or not you have an existing system.

On average, the standard amount you’ll pay to have central heating installed is: in a one-bed house is around £2500; two-bed house £3000; three-bed house £3500; four-bed house £4000; and five-bed house £4500.

At Saffron Heating, we price all our central heating installation services competitively, and you can be sure you’re getting a great local deal from an honest provider.


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