New Boiler Installation

A new boiler is a great investment for the future – both in terms of your quality of life, and the health and value of your property. We advise against doing the boiler installation yourself – this is a task best undertaken by professionals. At Saffron Heating pride ourselves on delivering a thorough and efficient boiler installation service that you can rely on.

How Much Does A New Boiler Cost?

How much you pay for a new boiler varies from one brand to another, and, once you consider the money you can save on energy bills, the initial price is only part of the overall cost. These days, the average cost of a new UK boiler varies depending on the nature of the installation.

If you’ll be replacing an existing boiler in the same space as before, you can expect to pay around £1,750. If you’re installing a new boiler in an entirely new location, you can expect to pay approximately £2,100.

Choose A New Boiler

Modern boilers are regulated to make sure they are energy-efficient. This means that you’ll get all the heating and hot water you need, without worrying about expensive energy bills. Save money on your fuel costs while also doing your bit for the planet with a quality new water boiler installation from Saffron Heating.


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